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Workplace Safety

DTM provides practical safety solutions for your workplaces, using assessments, inspections, audits and training to ensure your business has a safe workplace.


Safety Assessments

Our initial workplace safety assessments are designed to identify areas of your business that may have uncontrolled safety risks. Workplace safety assessments can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.

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Safety Inspections

During a safety inspection we look for safety hazards and unsafe practices throughout your business or worksite. The inspection will:

  • Determine whether safeguards are in place

  • Examine whether the equipment presents any hazards

  • Observe work practices to identify unsafe actions

Once recognized, any hazards present can be rectified, eliminated, or accounted for.

Informational Interview

Safety Audits

During a safety audit we evaluate your safety programs and practices. The audit will:

  • Measure and collect information about a safety program's reliability and effectiveness

Look at whether a safety program meets the company's stated goals

  • Examine safety training and response efforts

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Many incidents occur because there are gaps in the management systems, or a failure to learn lessons from past incidents. 

Using a good Incident Investigation tool proactively for incident prevention can correct the deficiencies found throughout the business and reduce error. Used proactively, a good investigative process can prevent recurrence, reduce risk and therefore advance the health and safety performance of the business.

Workplace Training

DTM can provide training programmes to cover your current needs and map out future requirements. We work with you to develop a course or an entire series of workshops that will raise your people to a higher level of skill and knowledge.

Our programs cater to all levels, whether you simply want to learn the basics in order to manage your system more efficiently, or develop specific in-depth knowledge in targeted areas.

  • Convenient and cost effective

  • Designed to suit your specific business requirements

  • Our trainers have real life industry experience

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