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About Us

AT DTM Services, we are committed to helping organisations obtain the benefits of international standard accreditation as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our Toolkits and consulting services are supported by professional advice and industry knowledge. We don’t just provide the “traditional” management system – we take a minimalist approach to compliance: efficient, cost effective and business appropriate.

With over 20 years experience in compliance, we are proud of our reputation for delivering tried and tested solutions with a simplistic, no fuss, refreshing approach.


Our consultants include qualified Lead Auditors and knowledge and industry specialists. We draw from a pool of professionals to suit your specific industry and business needs.


DTM Services has long partnered with:


  • Lucidity Software to bring a professional, cloud-based solution to modern management systems.

Signing a Contract

DTM has expertise in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Infrastructure

  • Cleaning & Facilities Maintenance

  • Extractive Industries

  • Transport and Storage

  • Government

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